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Databases List

How to use the UMass Global Database list to find the results you need fast!

Database Selection Tools

The Databases List provides selection tools that narrow down the databases list so that you can more easily choose ones that are directly relevant to your work.

Narrow by Subject Area

You can narrow by subject by changing the "All Subjects" dropdown. Best Bets! are listed at the top. These are databases recommended by your librarians as generally the best places to start researching your subject and are usually standard, commonly consulted databases in the field. Below “Best Bets!” are all the other databases appropriate for research in the subject you selected


Narrow by Source Type

You can also choose databases based on what types of sources are contained within the database. For example, you might need news articles or video streaming services. Change the All Database Types dropdown to match the type of source you need. 

Limit by Vendor/Provider

Library databases are provided by a number of different companies. If you know that you need to use a database only from a specific company, you can narrow the Databases List by vendor or provider.

Search by Keyword

The Search for Databases box allows you to search the information on the  databases list by keyword. Use this if you can’t find a database that matches your topic using the methods already discussed.

For example, if you need pharmaceutical information, you might type “drug” into the search box for the following results on databases that cover generic drug and patient information.  

Please note: the Search for Database box searches ONLY the titles and descriptions of the databases shown on this page in order to help you make a database selection. It does NOT search the content of any databases.