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UMass Global Library: Faculty/Instructor Resources

Faculty/Instructor Resources

If you teach or provide support for classes at UMass Global, use these resources to meet your specific needs.

Library Research Support

Information Literacy & Instruction

Faculty and Instructors: The Information Literacy & Instruction Guidelines provide an overview of the library's information literacy program. Learn what resources we offer and how you can integrate information literacy into your courses.


Request for Library Instruction

Faculty and Instructors: If you would like a librarian to teach a research session for your class please complete this form to request library instruction. After you submit the form, a librarian will contact you to confirm the date and time and discuss details.

Teaching Support

Interlibrary Loan

If the library doesn’t already own an article or book chapter you need, we may be able to obtain it for you through our interlibrary loan services. You can find complete information about how to request articles on the Interlibrary Loan Services guide. Note: the library cannot obtain entire eBooks or print books through interlibrary loan, only pdfs or scans of book chapters.


Special Access Resources

The library provides access to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal--two national newspapers that you can use as part of your teaching toolkit. Review the Special Access Resources guide to learn how you and your students can sign up for the NYT and WSJ. Need ideas for how to incorporate NYT and WSJ into your curriculum? Ask A Librarian!


Library Resources Purchase Request Form

Full-Time Faculty: Please complete this form to suggest new acquisitions for the library to purchase. Requests for items under $100 will be reviewed and acquired as funds allow. Larger requests will be reviewed during the budget enhancement cycle. Decisions about resources that require a subscription and annual fees may require feedback following a trial.

Additional Resources

Generative Artificial Intelligence Resource Guide for Faculty

The Generative Artificial Intelligence guide provides an overview of GAI and includes strategies for developing assignments that can help deter unethical use of AI by students.


Faculty Satisfaction Survey

Let us know how we are doing! Fill out the Faculty Satisfaction Survey to leave feedback about our existing services and suggestions about how we can improve.

Need Help?

If you can't find something you need, send us an email and we will get back to you in 24-48 hours.
Please submit your question from a UMass Global email address.

Send an Email Request

Note: We are a fully virtual library and do not have a physical location. Below is our address for administrative purposes:
UMass Global Administration
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