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UMass Global Library: Scholarly Resources

Scholarly Resources

Access the resources you need to conduct research, including scholarly journals, e-books, research guides, and our interlibrary loan services.

Global Search

Global Search is a discovery tool that allows you to access and search many of the library’s individual databases and the eBook catalog all at once. Use Global Search when you are new to library research, are seeking inspiration for a research question, or need a multi-subject research tool. Global Search has advantages and disadvantages. Read the Global Search guide to learn more.

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Databases List

The library provides access to nearly 100 research databases. The Databases List allows you to choose databases most likely to contain material directly relevant to your topic. Use an individual database when you have a refined research question and some experience researching. Read the Databases List guide to learn how to select the databases that are most appropriate for your work.
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Journal A-Z List

The Journal A-Z List is an alphabetical title list of the thousands of journals, newspapers, and other periodicals you can access only through the library. It includes the dates that coverage of each title begins and ends. Use this list when you need to find out if the library provides access to a specific article and you have its citation. Read the Journal A-Z List FAQ to learn more.

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Library Research Guides

Review these guides to learn research strategies and identify useful content. You can also find material useful for some specific courses and programs.

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Research Tools

Document Delivery

If the library doesn’t already own an article or book chapter you need, we may be able to obtain it for you through our document delivery services. You can find complete information about how to request articles and book chapters on the UMass Global Document Delivery Services guide.

Note: the library cannot obtain entire eBooks or print books through document delivery services, only pdfs or scans of book chapters. For access to print books, review our WorldCat guide to learn how you can use this online catalog to check whether a library near you has the book you need. 


Citing and Academic Integrity

Our Citations guide can help you properly format your citations, whether you are creating a bibliography, works cited list, footnotes, or in-text citations. Included are samples of the AMA, APA, Chicago, and MLA citation styles. In addition, you can learn to use Zotero or Endnote, citation management tools that can help you organize your research material and create a bibliography. You can also get help with citing by consulting with a tutor at the Online Writing and Math Center or by attending one of our live workshops.

Our Academic Integrity guide provides information about avoiding plagiarism by properly attributing sources and following other best practices to ensure that you're using information ethically. For an interactive way to learn about research ethics, take our Academic Integrity tutorial. 

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