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UMass Global Library: About the Library

About the Library

Learn more about the library by viewing our mission statement, library policies, annual reports, and staff information.

University of Massachusetts Global Library Mission Statement

The UMass Global Library provides its students with access to the information resources and research support services they need to become critical, efficient, and ethical users of information as they advance in their professions, earn credentials, and complete their degrees. The UMass Global Library does this by:

  • Facilitating equitable access to the universe of recorded knowledge.
  • Selecting relevant and representative tools appropriate for the university curriculum and the professions it represents.
  • Teaching critical approaches to the research process by developing a sequenced and integrated approach for each discipline.
  • Providing accessible and flexible opportunities to learn information literacy skills using various teaching modalities.
  • Upholding and articulating standards of academic integrity and the ethical use of information.
  • Being meticulous stewards of the library’s budget and resources.
  • Using evidence-based data to assess effectiveness of programs, resources, and processes.
  • Working collaboratively with appropriate partners to align library collections and services with the educational goals and strategic directions of the university.
  • Applying technologies and practices that enhance both the library’s services and the users’ experiences.

For the most recent information about the UMass Global Library, check the News and Events page!

Library Policies, Reports and Planning

If you have questions about the library's goals, or how the library operates and make decisions, you may be able to find your answer on the UMass Global Library Policies & Reports page. You will find library statistics, the library's strategic plan and annual reports, and library policies regarding instruction, collections, interlibrary loan services.

Collection Development & Acquisitions

The Collection Development & Acquisitions policy explains how the library makes purchasing decisions and manages the budget.

Information Literacy and Instruction

The Information Literacy and Instruction mission and guidelines provide definitions, theories, and best practices in information literacy. Also learn what Citation Assistance librarians offer.

Annual Reports

Each year, the library posts its Annual Report, starting with the 2022-23 academic year. The report provides an overview of library resources, services, accomplishments, and challenges during the prior year.

Library Staff


Monique Clark Librarian photo

Monique Clark, MLS


Monique Clark has more than ten years of experience providing research support and information literacy instruction in academic libraries. Her professional interests include online learning, educational technology, and instructional design. Monique earned her Master of Library Science from the University of Maryland and her Bachelor of Arts in English from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College.


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