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Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Services

Information about the Interlibrary Loan services available through UMass Global Library.

Interlibrary Loan Overview

The UMass Global Community can use the library's interlibrary loan (ILL) service to request access to research material that the library does not already directly provide, and which are not otherwise free to access. This service is free for students and employees to use as needed for course development, learning, and research projects. However, the library incurs costs when materials are ordered from outside sources. Please be aware of the following:

  • The library will spend up to $45 per request.
  • You must use a UMass Global email address ( or to place a request.
  • The library cannot obtain entire print books or eBooks, only scans of up to 2 chapters of any book.
  • You may place up to 5 requests over 2 terms.
  • Duplicate requests detected by the system will be rejected even if they were placed months earlier.

Interlibrary loan works seamlessly with most library databases. However, please ensure that the material you are requesting is not available through the UMass Global Library or another free source before placing a request by following the steps in How to Check Before You Request below.

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If you need assistance at any stage of the process, email the library at

How to Check for an Item Before You Make a Request

You may sometimes come across research material in the bibliography of a source, or through a library database that does not appear to supply direct access to the item. That material may be available through other UMass Global databases and/or free, open access resources. Before submitting your request, take the following steps to see if your item can be obtained for free and with no further delay:

When you request responsibly, you can help save the library hundreds of dollars!

Request Book Chapters

The library is unable to obtain print books or entire copies of eBooks not already available in full text through the library's book catalog, which is part of the Global Search tool.

We can often obtain small portions of books through interlibrary loan. However, in order to avoid copyright violation, we can request up to a maximum 2 chapters per book. However, the library may deny a request for books scans if is determined that the request may exceed Fair Use guidelines.

Request a book chapter using the interlibrary loan form.

Preferred Article Delivery Option - WorldShare ILL for Journal, Magazine, and News Articles
WorldShare ILL is the first service you should try when requesting an item the library does not have. WorldShare ILL is the library's most cost-effective service for document delivery since we are able to obtain the item from other libraries at no cost to you.

Ordering through WorldShare ILL requires advance planning. Since our partner libraries process and deliver article and book chapter requests, it may take several days for you to receive your item.

To request an item using WorldShare ILL while you are conducting research within a library database:

  1. Go to the record of the item you want to request.
  2. Click Check for document delivery options.
    Select the Check for document delivery options to view recommendations for obtaining articles
  3. Take all the recommended steps to try to obtain the item for free.
  4. If the item is not available for free, click on the WorldShare ILL link to place a request.
    Options for obtaining materials outside of UMass Global

Complete the WorldShare ILL Request Form: 

  1. Review the fields under About My Item to ensure that you are providing all the information needed to process your request. 
    Review the information in the About My Item section
  2. Fill out your email address, contact information, and status so the item can be delivered to you via email. Remember to use a or address.
    Fill out the About My Request section with your information and your UMass Global email address

Manual Request Option - UMass Global Library Form

If the document delivery link does not appear in your search, your requests are unsuccessful, or you experience errors, you can place a manual request using the library's Interlibrary Loan Request form.